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We all need something to build upon

Some ideas worth considering at the start of a new season

We Run and Ride

Sue Running 3Yesterday was a strength day at the gym. I can feel when I have not been there enough. Things get loose at the joints and my hips ache from weak connections. It is amazing how much better I feel running when I’ve kept up with visits to the gym.

When I get to the gym I do not have a solid routine. While I never sacrifice the legs and hips for other exercises, sometimes I lose concentration a half hour into the workout and leave without doing the core strength so vital to all three triathlon disciplines; swim, ride and run.

So I need to build that routine.

During a holiday party, I happened to get a gift certificate to a personalized fitness trainer who specializes in core strength training. My son has benefited greatly from Crossfit and he’s admitted there are times when it is so hard it tests…

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