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Rules of Off Road Running

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Running on the roads is fab. You’ve got a proper surface underfoot, street lights and can stop at aSubway if you misjudge your fuelling. But, recently, I’ve found myself running off road more frequently and have even got a few races under my waist pack. Here are some of the things that I’ve learnt…

  • Accurate course measurements are for wimps.Do a road race and there’s a good chance that someone has been around the route with a trundle wheel or calibrated bike. There is an accepted level of tolerance apparently but, any significant deviation and the Garmin-wearing mafia will be in up arms. Organisers of off-road races use the terms “marathon” and “half-marathon” lightly. When entering a race off road, the distance advertised will bear absolutely no resemblance to what you will actually run.

  • Effort x 2. Every mile you run will require twice as much effort as those…

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Winter Skills with Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue Team

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After two days on the hill with the Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue team one of the main impressions I’m left with, apart from the high levels of competence and professionalism of everyone involved, is how well they work together as a team. The true test of that, of course, is being on the hill in bad weather when conditions are tough and when looking for a casualty in a rescue situation. It been a real pleasure this weekend supporting team with their annual winter skills weekend, working with a group of 5 guys practicing winter skills. In winter conditions it’s pretty evident when a team is looking out for eachother – sharing food, helping to adjust your pal’s clothing, slowing up to keep the group together, sharing out breaking trail through the snow: lots of little things that make a huge difference when the weather is bad and you need…

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