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How To: An Introduction to the Pace Clock for Beginner & Improving Swimmers


Following my review of Brilliant Swim’s PaceWatch, it seemed an appropriate time to do an introduction to the Pace Clock commonly seen in most pools. Along with my guide to the different types and uses of swimming googles and the perennially popular understanding lane swimming etiquette, these articles are intended (mostly) for newer and developing swimmers. While is about open water swimming, I consider both learning the basics in a pool and continued pool training an essential component for almost all open water swimmers.

The pace clock, often called a lap clock, is an item that often causes confusion and even apprehension to beginning and some experienced lap and fitness swimmers. This nervousness means that many avoid learning its use, seeing it as tool for purely fast or advanced or competitive swimmers.

The pace clock is actually the single most useful tool for swimmers to improve, and ahead of…

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