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The Truth Behind Herbalife and Juiceplus Meal Replacement Shakes

Mark Worswick

Every man and his dog seem to be selling Herbalife/juice plus shakes or taking them. I’d say 80% of these people have no nutritional qualifications whatsoever let alone even a slight interest in nutrition. 10% seem to be personal trainers who have lost all their self-respect and turned into immoral salesman as a quick bit of money is more important to them then their client’s health and goals. The last 10% seem to be genuine people that have just fallen into the trap from a good sales pitch and shown a picture of a Mercedes, and they genuinely think the products they are selling are good quality.

What the personal trainers don’t realise is that in short term they may make a vast increase in their income but in the long run it will severely damage their reputation, and therefore overall, their income will probably decrease or they will have…

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