We all need something to build upon

Some ideas worth considering at the start of a new season

We Run and Ride

Sue Running 3Yesterday was a strength day at the gym. I can feel when I have not been there enough. Things get loose at the joints and my hips ache from weak connections. It is amazing how much better I feel running when I’ve kept up with visits to the gym.

When I get to the gym I do not have a solid routine. While I never sacrifice the legs and hips for other exercises, sometimes I lose concentration a half hour into the workout and leave without doing the core strength so vital to all three triathlon disciplines; swim, ride and run.

So I need to build that routine.

During a holiday party, I happened to get a gift certificate to a personalized fitness trainer who specializes in core strength training. My son has benefited greatly from Crossfit and he’s admitted there are times when it is so hard it tests…

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Rules of Off Road Running

rara's rules for living


Running on the roads is fab. You’ve got a proper surface underfoot, street lights and can stop at aSubway if you misjudge your fuelling. But, recently, I’ve found myself running off road more frequently and have even got a few races under my waist pack. Here are some of the things that I’ve learnt…

  • Accurate course measurements are for wimps.Do a road race and there’s a good chance that someone has been around the route with a trundle wheel or calibrated bike. There is an accepted level of tolerance apparently but, any significant deviation and the Garmin-wearing mafia will be in up arms. Organisers of off-road races use the terms “marathon” and “half-marathon” lightly. When entering a race off road, the distance advertised will bear absolutely no resemblance to what you will actually run.

  • Effort x 2. Every mile you run will require twice as much effort as those…

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Winter Skills with Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue Team

Aspen Outdoors Ltd

After two days on the hill with the Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue team one of the main impressions I’m left with, apart from the high levels of competence and professionalism of everyone involved, is how well they work together as a team. The true test of that, of course, is being on the hill in bad weather when conditions are tough and when looking for a casualty in a rescue situation. It been a real pleasure this weekend supporting team with their annual winter skills weekend, working with a group of 5 guys practicing winter skills. In winter conditions it’s pretty evident when a team is looking out for eachother – sharing food, helping to adjust your pal’s clothing, slowing up to keep the group together, sharing out breaking trail through the snow: lots of little things that make a huge difference when the weather is bad and you need…

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Christmas set 2016

TEAM Mermaids

So our brains needed a rest from our usual Christmas set so we decided to spell out Christmas and then do a 400 per letter with each letter corresponding to an activity.

Obviously you don’t have to do them as 400s so give it a try.

*C*atch up



*I*ndividual Medley

*S*ingle arm

*T*ime trial


*A*lternate hard, easy



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A Mermaid’s Christmas Wish List 2016

TEAM Mermaids

Last year we had a great response to our wish list so we thought we would do another one for 2016… It is also serves as a massive hint to our husbands!

Day 1 – Stocking Fillers/Gift wrapping

The perfect wrapping paper for any swimmer’s gifts is Nancy Farmer’s.  Beautifully constructed swimmers give the illusion of snowflakes to give us “swimflakes”.  She is also doing caps in various colours in the design.  All can be found on her Etsy shop.


I (Manda) already have this lego mermaid key-ring.  It is perfect for finding your keys when they are lost at the bottom of your swimming bag.

https://shop.lego.com/en-GB/Mermaid-Key-Chain-851393 or/


Snacks boxes for those all important post swimming snacks…aka CAKE



Day 2 – Accessories

A bit like superman with his superman gear on underneath his suit, every mermaid should ensure you have these ready for any spontaneous mermaid adventures.




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The Jedburgh 3 Peaks Ultra Marathon

A race for next year? Happy to just take photos this time around.

Perpetual Movement

Running had been ticking over comfortably for the second half of the summer but as we entered October my mojo for long runs at the weekend deserted me. This was compounded by Real Life catching me out and requiring me to alter my priorities and completely fail to manage my time effectively. I resigned myself to enjoying a lengthy taper (rather than calling it sheer laziness) and told myself I had plenty of miles in the legs already this year and that, combined with some common sense and experience should see me through the 38 flat-ish miles.

‎Thanks to Patricia Carvalho for the photo.

My sister lives in Gala and she seemed more than happy to put me up for the night and taxi me too and from the start. She works out at the Bowhill estate where they were hosting ghost walks in the estate for Halloween. This was…

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