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Why is a “pool mile” not an “actual mile”?

Throw Me In The Ocean

If you are not a swimmer, you may not be aware of the fact that swimmers in the US swim for 1650 yards and call it a mile. If you are a swimmer in the US, you may not be aware of the fact that what you are calling a mile, is not actually a mile. In fact, it’s 110 yards short of a mile.

mile in yards

Finding an explanation for this was not easy. The most “thorough” answer I could find seems to be this blog post, but reading and re-reading it, there is information missing that makes it almost impossible to decipher. So, combining information gleaned from this post with other information found through Internet research (there’s not a lot out there on this subject), I have put together the following summary. If you are reading this, and you see something I have written that you know to be…

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