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Swimathon at Western Pool

Just completed our third Swimathon yesterday. Like last year there was no local event planned when we signed up, so I organised our own. It was great to have some new faces this year, especially a ladies relay team from a local High School. Most of the swimmers attempted 5k, some for the first time:

Distances / times that I have on the notes are as follows (please fill in the blanks!):
Kristian Cowin 5.1k (1hr 15 mins)
Graham Annett 5k (1hr 25 mins)
Jonathan Pugh 5k (1hr 55 mins approx)
Silla Parnell 5k (1hr 35 mins)
Jill Bunyan 5k (1hr 40 mins) – me; no training done!!
Nickie 5k (2hr 26mins) – Nickie is only 10 years old and he knocked almost 30 minutes off his time from last year.
Ben Cox 3k (sorry no time)
Robbie Lace 3.2k and could have kept going all day I think… (57m30s)
St Ninians High School:
Emma 1k (22mins)
Gill 1k (25mins) then did another 150m for fun!
Sylvie 1k (30mins) then kept going to 1.85k
Esther 1k (32 mins)
Carole Laporte 10k (just under 3 hrs)

Big well done to everyone. Maybe we’ll make it to ‘2Swim4Life’ in 2015!!

Arbory School win Isle of Man schools swimming champs (Dolphin trophy)

Proud mum and proud swimming teacher :o)

I have taught nearly all of Arbory School years 5 and 6 swimming at some point, whether it be at school swimming lessons, Castletown swimming pool or Southern IOM ASC. I was lucky to be able to accompany them to the Isle of man primary schools swimming gala a week or so ago. This is my favourite gala of all those held throughout the year as the atmosphere is electric and for many of the children it is their first ever competitive swimming event.

The children from Arbory all swam out of their skins on the day with their worst position in any race being third!

With a total of 103 points they were over 20 points clear of the second placed team and finished well with a beatifully paced and executed relay.

This is team captains Nickie, Ellie & Elliot with the trophy:


And they did look smart in their new swimming hats which we provided for them :o)


‘Swim Smooth’ CSS swim training for triathletes

I have been working with a group of novice triathletes for 3 or 4 months as they prepare (in the main) for their first sprint triathlon. The first few weeks were primarily technique based sets but in the most recent 6 week block we have been shifting the emphasis in their training over to fitness and speed. We did the first CSS test in mid February and repeated it last week.

Bearing in mind that the retest for some of them was done after a spot of slacking over the two week Easter break, I’m pretty happy with the results:

CSS speed/ 25m Feb 2013 CSS speed/ 25m early April 2013 % improvement
GA 28.50 25.00 12.28%
IR n/a 28.00 n/a
JT n/a 29.00 n/a
NY 33.00
JP 36.00 33.25 7.64%
SE 38.75 33.75 12.90%
SG n/a 34.57 n/a
NB 39.75 35.75 10.06%
JC 38.25 36.25 5.23%
VP 39.00 36.75 5.77%
DC 42.00 39.50 5.95%

Guess what we will be doing more of in the last four weeks before the first Sprint tri of the season?? No prizes for the right answer!

For more information on CSS training, which is very simple to do, please follow the link: