Channel Relay – Training Swim

Good luck to Irish friends in their two way SIX man relay in a couple of weeks – and to UK friends on their two-way FOUR man relay next week.



As the ‘GO’ time is getting closer, we decided we would take an evening spin out on a boat and practice our Relay Changeovers. As we are swimming to France and Back, we could be doing up to 24 relay changeovers during our swim, so it’s important we understand what we are to do when in the water and when you are the swimmer taking over. Messing it up 24 times is valuable time wasted.

We know our order (Carol-Owen-Caitlin-Lynne-Maeve-Eoin x repeat), so we headed out into Cork Harbour, looking for some ‘space’ (and some waves to test Maeves seas sick medication!). We stopped just before Churchbay, and I jumped in to start off, Lisa insisted I make an entrance into the water, so I obliged (not going to argue with crew, am I..)


I know this made it look like a lot of fun (and it was!), but we are well…

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