Swim stroke rate analysis – what a difference!

Due to a combination of hospital visits, holidays and hangovers (no names mentioned JP!) this monday’s squad session was low on numbers. We took the opportunity to look at three swimmers stroke rates in detail. I had surreptitiously counted the swimmers average stroke rate the week before without their knowledge so they had not consciously or unconsciously altered it.

Using the Finis Tempo Trainer Pro, the swimmers were given different rates to swim at for 50m – some fast, some slow – again without any kind of pattern to influence their perception of what ‘should’ happen. They were asked at the end of each how much effort they felt had been involved at those rates.

stroke analysis 20130617

All the swimmers in this particular study found that by slightly increasing their ‘normal’ stroke rate they were able to swim faster, without becoming too tired, most likely due to eliminating ‘dead spots’ in their stroke.

It was great, if a bit scary, to see Gary swim off into the sunset (literally!) at a fantastic speed a couple of days later – he confessed after to having the Tempo Trainer under his hat, and what a difference it made to his speed through the water!

Port Erin 20130619


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